KAIBOSH is the brainchild of Flo, a Norwegian eyewear company with over 50 years heritage in optics. The company has created some of the most innovative and trend-settingfashion eyewear in the world – designing and producing for top Scandinavian fashion houses and selling eyewear in the best optical stores worldwide. KAIBOSH is inspired by conversations with eyewear users around the world who share a common vision – that eyewear should be affordable and fun


  • Merchant:  KAIBOSH
  • Industry: Apparel and Accessories
  • Base Engine: Variate
  • Markets served:  Norway, Sweden, Denmark, UK
  • Project Budget:  500 hours
  • Project plan:  16 weeks
  • Number of products:  200+

Michelle Rowley, Co-founder at KAIBOSH:

“We wanted to make eyewear a fashion accessory that would allow customers to afford and own several pairs of frames for different occasions and not be held back by only wearing one expensive frame for all occasions. The decision to go online with this concept was an easy one, we want to reach as many potential customers as possible and provide them a fun way to shop for eyewear.”

Why did you choose Vaimo?

“Vaimo showed a real interest and understanding in our type of business. Their communication and explanations during the sales process were clear and precise. We felt comfortable that Vaimo was the right solution provider to establish a long-term relationship with. This all was backed up by Vaimo’s impressive track record and recent success stories.”

Why did you choose Magento?

“We wanted to have full flexibility and control over managing the website content in-house. One of the main reasons, we chose Magento was that we needed an eCommerce platform that would allow us quick time to market. We need to be able to scale and grow by entering new markets without incurring significant additional costs and investments.”

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