Trappers, established in 1976, is a trusted name in outdoor products retail in South Africa, particularly in the smaller cities and towns. Their business consists mainly of outdoor apparel and footwear, with a good mix of gadgets and technical gear in the mix as well sold in 24 stores in 7 provinces around South Africa. They are known for being a friendly and knowledgeable source of local advice when it comes to the South African outdoors.


  • Merchant:  Trappers
  • Industry: Apparel, Footwear and Accessories
  • Base Engine: Variate
  • Markets served:  South Africa
  • Project Budget:  358 Hours
  • Project Plan: 16 Weeks
  • Number of products: 3000

Kyle Meenehan, Community Manager at Trappers:

"We believe that we provide a high level service to our customers, as well as a great selection of quality products across a range of reputable brands. Ecommerce will allow us to provide all this to a even greater number of people. It will also provide an alternative to our current customer base who might prefer to do their shopping from the comfort of their own homes. Furthermore, having an eCommerce store strengthens the perception of our brand, which will in turn encourage people to visit our stores and purchase in-store."

Why did you choose Vaimo?

“When looking around for an eCommerce solution partner, it seemed that everyone pursued eCommerce as a side-line to other various development areas. Vaimo, however, seemed to eat, sleep and breathe eCommerce. Their passion, confidence and knowledge of the subject is the main reason that made us comfortable to partner with Vaimo for a project that is very important to us. The other factor that secured the deal, was the fact that the team at Vaimo South Africa are great at communicating. Any time we have a question, we just pick up the phone and we are guaranteed an answer rooted in years of experience.”

Why did you choose Magento?

“Magento strikes a good balance between open-source innovation and proprietary stability. It is evolving and dynamic – making use of the vast number of open-source PHP developers to fuel the rapid growth of the platform. At the same time Magento is also stable, reliable and secure – qualities that are very important for merchants like us.”

Project Objectives

  • Improve Customer Experience
  • Increase Revenues
  • Cutting Edge Design
  • Increase Traffic


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