TSS Tools Systems Solutions (Pty) Ltd strategy is to become a major supplier of high quality tooling and accessories. Besides the brands Festool and Protool, the company will also become a sole agent for other high quality products for the professional hardware trade. TSS wants to be a recognized agent/importer of quality products for the specialised trade in areas where no trade exists to establish its own shops and/or direct distribution network.


  • Merchant:  TSS Tools Systems Solutions (Pty )Ltd
  • Industry: Hardware supplies
  • Base Engine: Imitate
  • Markets served:  South Africa
  • Project budget:  Undefined
  • Project plan:  8 weeks
  • Number of products:  approx. 5000

Rainer Schreiber, Managing Director at TSS Tools Systems Solutions:

“Ecommerce is the fastest growing way of doing business. We would like to gain more exposure, increase our market share and improve our customer profile. What better way is there to achieve this than via web – the future is online.”

Why did you choose Vaimo?

“We searched for Magento as we wanted to use specifically the Magento platform, and found that Vaimo was the only Gold Solution Partner in Africa. Vaimo also has an extensive knowledge about ERP and CRM systems, which is especially useful for us as we are integrating our web shop with our ERP and Warranty Management System.”

Why did you choose Magento?

“Magento is a well known and the fastest growing eCommerce platform and is owned by e-Bay which created an incredibly strong brand reputation. Magento has a large variety of features to cater for each of our requirements and therefore creates a large growth opportunity for our company.”

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