Action Gear, established in 2010, specialise in wide range of high tech outdoor and sporting gear which makes people’s adventures in South Africa more fun and enjoyable. They stock products like sport cameras, bags, watches, navigation devices, binoculars, night vision viewers, torches, headsets to name but a few.

Action Gear’s passion for outdoor technical products is only second to their passion in delivering excellent customer service.


  • Merchant:  Action Gear
  • Industry: Specialist high tech sports gear
  • Base Engine: Innovate
  • Markets Served: South Africa
  • Website: www.actiongear.co.za
  • Project Budget: 500 hours
  • Project Plan: 12 weeks
  • Number of Products: 400


Warrick Kernes, Founder and Managing Director at Action Gear:

“The Vaimo team were great at taking our concept and vision and developing it into an incredible site which incorporated all the details which we could have desired. The design work was also particularly brilliant as Vaimo uses the latest trends and technology and they added a bit of their own personal favorite functionalities from leading sites worldwide.”

The Challenge

“The most important thing is to know exactly what you want before selecting a solution provider and giving them the brief. If you can't tell them what it is that you want then it will be very difficult to align your plans with what the developers aim to deliver. It does of course help to have a very good team like Vaimo who can help mold your concepts into a dream site.”

The Solution

“We approached Vaimo asking them to build us one of the best e-commerce sites in South Africa on a relatively small budget. We specifically wanted it to be working on the Magento platform and knew that Vaimo were the best company to partner with for building a Magento based site. The solution which they delivered to us ticked all the boxes of what we wanted and actually impressed us and our customers beyond what we imagined.”


  • User friendly e-commerce interface which can easily accommodate a wide product range
  • A built in blog for offering our customers added value through content write-ups
  • A quick and smooth check-out process
  • Integration with our couriers systems and our accounting software
  • A smoking hot design 


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