CUM Books, is a much-loved and popular name in South African homes. They are the biggest provider of Christian products such as books, bibles, music and gifts in South Africa. With products of outstanding quality, CUM Books provides a full and comprehensive service to its customers through their 40 stores nationwide and through their recently launched new and innovative online store.


  • Merchant: CUM Books
  • Industry: Books distribution
  • Magento Edition: Magento Enterprise
  • Base Engine: Innovate
  • Markets served: South Africa
  • Website:
  • Project Plan: 20 Weeks
  • Project Budget: 1250 Hours
  • Number of Products: over 110 000

Jolene’ Ayres, E-Commerce Manager at CUM Books

"E-commerce is growing fast and there is no time to waste. The new website has shown results from day one and is still growing! We have full control and total flexibility from the Magento backend. In short, we are very satisfied with the results and will continue working together with Vaimo to improve the customer experience on the CUM Books website."

The Challenge

CUM Books wanted to upgrade its website to reflect the company’s approach to provide enjoyable customer experience as demonstrated in its retail stores. The objective was to move away from the previous hard-coded platform and to build an integration layer where every part of the website configuration, mapping and logic was user definable via the user interface. If one factors into this the time constraints to go live with new more modern site, a catalogue of over 110,000 products, requirement for very intelligent user journeys and merchandising rules- it was apparent that CUM Books required a viable eCommerce platform like Magento Enterprise.

The Solution

Vaimo delivered an innovative site, setting the benchmark for e-commerce in South Africa. They put in place best-of-breed methods and tools to facilitate complex ERP, DRM and SOLR integration. Conversion statistics after go-live speak for the user experience Vaimo helped to deliver. Technically the solution is robust and scalable, enabling CUM Books comfortably implement their online strategy for the next five years. Vaimo also delivered an effective eBook DRM solution which makes the whole eBook buying experience more clear and easy with advanced management tools in the back-end.


  • Fully Responsive Design across 4 screen resolutions
  • SOLR Enterprise Search Platform
  • Digital Rights Management integration for eBooks
  • In-Store Stock Display
  • Advanced ERP integration



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