Darakjian Jewelers is a family-owned business that carries the most prestigious brands of watches and jewelry in the world. The family patriarch opened the first shop in 1964 in Detroit, Michigan, where the company is based to this day. The luxury jewelers craft their own exquisite custom pieces while preserving their values as a service-oriented local business.



  • MerchantDarakjian Jewelers
  • Industry: Jewelry and Fine Watches
  • Vaimo Base Engine: Variate
  • Markets Served: USA
  • Websitewww.darakjian.com
  • Project Plan: 20 Weeks
  • Number of Products: 2,200

Ara Darakjian, President at Darakjian Jewelers

"Selling luxury is changing. It’s not enough to have a beautiful store and great in-store service, we have to be able to map that out onto the web to succeed and grow. Luxury customers demand great products, great service, and a great experience. Our relaunched website positions us to be able to offer all three and to really be able to explore new ways to reach new customers and turn them into raving fans."


The Challenge

For Darakjian Jewelers, creating their first eCommerce site meant presenting their brand story and high-end products to a wider audience in the United States through a well-designed online shop. The luxury jewelers wanted to showcase their pieces online, with a system that would allow them to easily communicate an international database of diamonds to customers and receive custom-made orders effortlessly. The jewelers' custom-made pieces are carefully crafted when an order is received from the client; therefore, the company doesn’t keep products in a warehouse. 


The Solution

Vaimo crafted a fully responsive web shop that exhibits Darakjian’s exquisite jewelry with special filters that allow customers to find their perfect diamond counterpart. The unique aspect of the new site is that no diamond products were ever created in the Magento backend. When a piece is purchased, the data is imported from RapNet, an integration with a global diamond trading database of 60,000 unique diamonds. The item is then imported and created automatically in Magento. Additionally, Vaimo developed easy access to website content, a blog and two different slideshows that exhibit products and celebrity quotes.



  • Fully Responsive
  • Darakjian Diamond Search with Special Filters
  • Multi Option Filter
  • Klevu Search
  • Integration with Hubspot
  • Integration with RapNet, a Global Diamond Trading Network
  • Quote Slideshow
  • Parallax Slideshow

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