Selver is one of the largest and most prestigious grocery store chains in Estonia, with over 45 supermarkets and hypermarkets all over the country. Selver is part of the locally-owned Tallinn Kaubamaja Group and makes up over half of the group’s revenue. Other companies in the group include Kaubamaja and Tartu Kaubamaja, the largest department stores in Estonia; and ABC King and SHU, the top shoe store chains. In addition, the group owns a beauty retail chain, I.L.U. and car retailers KIA and Viking Motors, and more. The loyalty programme of the Group, Partner Card, extends to 585,000 loyal customers in Estonia.



  • Merchant: Selver
  • Industry: Grocery and home goods
  • Vaimo Base Engine: Innovate
  • Magento Edition: Enterprise
  • Markets Served: Estonia
  • Websitewww.selver.ee
  • Project Plan: 26 Weeks
  • Number of Products: Currently 14,000+; 15,000+ products by the end of 2015

Gunnar Obolenski, Ecommerce Manager at Selver

"The main goal when creating the Selver online experience was to ensure it’s user-friendly throughout the site, and this was achieved. In addition to a visually clear design, it’s simple to find products, filter them, and to assemble a shopping cart with several different payment methods available. From a technical perspective, it was very important for us to have the online store smoothly integrated to our company’s sales and warehouse programs as well as a responsive solution for our users visiting the site from various devices."


The Challenge

Prior to working with Vaimo, Selver had a non-transactional online presence that was content- based. The Estonian home goods and grocery chain was looking for an eCommerce solutions provider with international experience who has knowledge of complex and large online projects and who could prove to Selver that a state-of-the-art website was possible for their business. Grocery shops are one of the most complex industries in eCommerce due to weighted products and elaborate delivery systems, and Selver needed someone who would be comfortable establishing and designing a fool-proof system to support online ordering and delivery of groceries and home goods.


The Solution

Selver is one of the first grocery stores running on the Magento Enterprise platform. The online shop works across all devices responsively and features a login system as safe as an online bank by using the Kaubamaja loyalty card that links to Estonian digital ID card tools. Additionally, Vaimo worked with Selver to design and create the Pick and Pack process and functionality. It allows a customer’s order to directly alert a Selver employee at a designated time on a mobile device which then further advises them where a product is located in the store. This allows a Selver employee to effortlessly pick and pack a client’s order right in time for the pick-up.



  • Time Slot Reservation 
  • Mobile Pick and Pack Process 
  • Product Replacement Functionality 
  • Fail-Proof Customer Card Login 
  • Integration with ERP System Microsoft Dynamics AX 
  • Integration with External Couriers 
  • Integration with Bonus Point Counting System 
  • Weighted Products Features 
  • Varnish Caching


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