HYLETE is a unique premium sports brand that creates performance apparel and gear for the hybrid athlete who is actively involved in different sports and requires clothing that holds up under different strenuous activities, such as CrossFit. The brand, created in 2012, is not sold through any retailers. Their main line of distribution is “direct to consumer” and is sold for the most part exclusively online. HYLETE also sell their products via professional athletes and trainers as their brand advocates and showcase their goods to customers at sports events.



  • Merchant: HYLETE
  • Industry: Performance apparel, accessories and gear
  • Vaimo Base Engine: Innovate
  • Magento Edition: Enterprise
  • Markets Served: Global
  • Website: www.hylete.com
  • Project Plan: 15 Weeks of Development
  • Number of Products: 200+

Jamie Wardlow, Director of Marketing at HYLETE

"Vaimo provided us with a consistent aesthetic web design, that is responsive across all devices, while staying true to the HYLETE brand essence. We build products with the goal of quality and functionality above all else. Our product is the best because of the attention to detail and high performance component, not because of an excessive amount of bells and whistles, and we feel that Vaimo did a great job translating that core belief to the website. We’re very happy that Vaimo delivered a site that is visually clean and user-friendly, and that truly captures the HYLETE brand."


The Challenge

Before working with Vaimo, HYLETE had a website running on an older version of Magento Enterprise that they managed with the help of independent developers. HYLETE wanted to work with an eCommerce solutions provider who could help them actualise their vision for their online store. The premium sports brand’s previous website had a simple mobile platform that did not deliver the results that HYLETE required. HYLETE needed a responsive site that provided customers with a cohesive and transparent brand experience, while also allowing HYLETE staff to work from one platform instead of dealing with several different ones.


The Solution

The visual aspect of HYLETE’s new site was exceptionally important, as the company’s goods are not sold in stores. It was essential for Vaimo to convey the feel of the premium brand through story-telling and extremely effective and detailed product descriptions and visual imagery. Vaimo provided HYLETE with the Vaimo Content Management System that enables HYLETE staff to conveniently plug in new images and widgets and build landing pages on the fly. As HYLETE is a direct-to-consumer brand, the speed of the new real-time updates allows staff to react faster to customer behaviour and adjust content accordingly. 


  • Vaimo Content Management System
  • "Get the Look" Functionality (Using Styled Products)
  • Instagram Flow with Possibility to Buy a Product from the Image (Supported by ReadyPulse)
  • Merchant E-Solutions and Paypal Being Used as Payment Providers
  • Pop-Up Functionality Supported by Bounce Exchange
  • POS Integration
  • Loyalty Points Supported by Sweet Tooth

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