IJP Design, established by Ian Poulter in 2007, is proud to produce luxury, contemporary golf apparel that performs to the highest standards and stands out on the golf course. They design their collections based on extensive feedback from golfers and Ian Poulter himself, ensuring their innovative clothing is functional and perfectly tailored down to the very last detail. IJP Design operates in the UK and US and distributes globally. IJP Design launched their brand new website on Magento platform with the help of Vaimo in March 2014.



  • Merchant:  IJP Design
  • Industry: Apparel
  • Website:
  • Base Engine: Innovate
  • Markets Served: International
  • Project Budget: 800 Hours
  • Project Plan: 22 Weeks
  • Number of Products: 200

Ian James Poulter, Owner at IJP Design:

"I am very happy about the new website. It's incorporating brand new features that are really ahead of the curve and I'm looking forward to seeing golfers create their unique IJP Design outfits across the collections."

The Challenge

“The main challenges with the project were the integration of orders into IJP Design stock management system and the creation of look pages on the website. The integration of the site required stock information being pulled from the system and then online orders being pushed into stock management system. The integration experts at Vaimo made sure this difficult and complex task was implemented successfully,” says Siobhan Kos, E-commerce Manager at IJP Design.

The Solution

“Magento’s versatility and adaptability has allowed us to create a website, that reflects the high quality and distinctive design of IJP Design. The new look pages allow the customer to buy complete looks with just one click. Vaimo’s designers created look pages that complimented our imagery and made it easy for our customers to buy a full outfit. Having worked with Vaimo in the past, we knew they were the best partners for this new eCommerce project,” says Siobhan Kos.


  • Looks Pages
  • Category Filters
  • Cross-Selling and Up-Selling on Product Pages
  • Back and Front Imagery on Category Pages
  • Clean and Clear Product Pages with Strong Imagery
  • Integration of Magento to FAM ERP 


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