Old Khaki is one of South Africa’s most popular quality leisure clothing brands comprising of leisurewear, authentic footwear and musthave accessories. Its clothing is durable and affordable with a worn, vintage look that makes it an understated yet vibrant urban clothing brand. Established in 1999, Old Khaki has around 60 physical stores in South Africa, Namibia and Botswana. Since October 2014 they also have an online store which has already seen a vast number of visitors.



  • Merchant: Old Khaki
  • Industry: Apparel and Accessories
  • Magento Edition: Enterprise
  • Vaimo Base Engine: Innovate
  • Markets Served: South Africa
  • Website: www.oldkhaki.co.za
  • Project Plan: 8 Weeks
  • Project Budget: 170 Hours
  • Number of Products: around 500

Amanda Herson, Head of Ecommerce at Cape Union Mart Group

We are pleased with the Old Khaki website. We had to get the site up and running in a very short space of time and by using existing wire frames and integrations we were able to breathe life into the site in a matter of weeks. We wanted a clean, simple design and it was of great importance to us that we could use our existing knowledge of the back-end of Magento to manage the site effectively. Another very important feature was a single point of entry for all product information. This allowed us to have one version of the truth and less replication of work behind the scenes."

The Challenge

Time was the biggest challenge as Old Khaki had a very short timeline with which to get the online store up and running. Vaimo managed this timeline professionally and worked around the clock where necessary to meet the expectations. Another challenge was taking existing systemic relationships (between merchandising systems and Magento) and reconfiguring them to handle the different requirements of this particular online store.

The Solution

Vaimo delivered a fully responsive (Bootstrap Framework) online store compatible with all web browsers and mobile devices. To enable the efficient management of eCommerce operations, Magento was tightly integrated to Old Khaki’s Merchandise, PIM and Financial ERP systems. The integrations allow for realtime stock, prices, promotions and mark-downs management. The automated returns solution allows customers to request for a product return online and track the return’s shipment status. Also Old Khaki is one of very few retailers where one can buy an electronic gift card online and the redemption can happen either in-store or online. The solution also caters for the 24/7 fashion lover by providing rich content and fashion trends on the interactive blogging pages.


  • Fully responsive website
  • Integration of PIM Systems to Magento
  • Integration of Track and Trace through front end- real time parcel tracking with a partner
  • Cross channel electronic vouchers (buy online, redeem in store or online)
  • Integration to eBucks and Discovery Miles reward programs
  • Integration of Merchandising and ERP Systems
  • Online Returns Management Solution

Project Delivery

Vaimo prepared a detailed project plan that clearly laid out the expectations of each stakeholder. This allowed Old Khaki to plan internally for their requirements prior to the launch and they worked hand-in-hand with Vaimo to pull off a seamless go live – on time and within budget. Vaimo adapted Old Khaki existing systems to accommodate Old Khaki’s requirements from a front- and back end perspective. This meant little training internally and few changes to existing processes and set ups – both at Old Khaki head office and for the online store itself. From Old Khaki’s point of view the project was completed very professionally, with regular updates and communication between project leaders, developers and managers.


Future Ecommerce Plans

We will focus heavily on automations of activities related to our eCommerce. We will also spend more attention to mobile marketing, browsing and purchasing habits on mobile devices.

Why did you choose Vaimo?

"Our existing relationship with Vaimo meant a smooth project flow and turnaround time. All of our expectations were met timeously and the support after the web site launch has been commendable." 

Amanda Herson, Head of Ecommerce at Cape Union Mart Group

Why did you choose Magento?

"We use Magento Enterprise as a group and benefit from having a shared platform across all of our existing online stores. This means reaping benefits of existing integrations with our merchandising systems as well as with our ERP system. It also allows for standardisation of training and processes internally."

Amanda Herson, Head of Ecommerce at Cape Union Mart Group

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