Oticon Medical is a sister company for Oticon (a leading manufacturer of hearing care solutions) and part of the William Demant Holding Group (WDH), a prominent global hearing health care company that develops, manufactures and sells products and equipment designed to help people with hearing loss in their personal communication. The Group operates on a global market with companies in over 25 countries, a total staff of over 11,000 employees and revenue of more than DKK 10 billion. Oticon Medical has more than a century of experience in audiology and sound processing, specialising in bone anchored hearing aids and cochlear implants.



  • Merchant: Oticon Medical
  • Industry: Medical Devices
  • Vaimo Base Engine: Innovate
  • Magento Edition: Enterprise
  • Markets Served: Global
  • Website: shop.oticonmedical.com/us
  • Project Plan: 8 Development Weeks
  • Number of Products: 200

Alan Raffauf, VP of Marketing, Oticon Medical US

"Our new eShop is running smoothly. It has brought us closer to our customers, allowing better service and access to the items that Oticon Medical hearing implant users want and need."


The Challenge

WDH’s brand, Oticon Medical, had several different web solutions that were developed internally or by its sister companies together with local vendors. Oticon Medical needed to provide hearing implants patients a direct access to the hearing implants accessories via a B2C site, and they needed a new online store that’s easy to maintain and operate, and easy for clients to navigate and shop. With Oticon Medical’s previous site, patients had to call in and speak to a representative to place an order, which took time and resources.


The Solution

Oticon Medical’s new site takes patients on an easy transactional path, from the moment they select an item to finalising the payment. Patients experience an easy, straight-forward transaction. Oticon Medical staff need only little technical experience to maintain the site and receive adequate support from Vaimo. It’s effortless for staff members to add products, change photos, and make updates to the site. The Oticon Medical B2C site was launched in August 2015 with a simple design that is styled according to the company’s needs and features an integrated payment method.



  • Vaimo Page Manager
  • Payment Gateway

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