Stengrossen’s mission is to make it easier and cheaper for customers to buy quality stone products for outdoor use. The company has created an online store, where customers can order the products and have the items delivered directly from the producers with no intermediaries to their doorstep. The natural stone products are purchased mainly from Asia, but Stengrossen cooperates also with Norway’s largest outdoor concrete products producer- Asak Environmental Stein.



  • Merchant:  Stengrossen
  • Industry: Import and resell of stone and concrete products
  • Base Engine: Variate
  • Markets served: Sweden
  • Web site: www.stengrossen.se
  • Project budget: 228 hours
  • Project plan: 16 weeks
  • Number of products: 37

Johnny Lantz, Managing Director at Stengrossen:

“We are happy with our new web site Vaimo developed for Stengrossen. It has been performing well, with no major problems, since its launch at the end of April 2013.”

The Challenge

Our main challenge with developing the site was to come up with a solution, how online visitors can easily calculate the shippings costs for their orders and how to present it to consumers the correct way. We had to come up with web site design, that would not confuse the visitors, as our products are cheap, yet the quality is very high.

The Solution

It was important for us to create a trustworthy design for our website, so the customers would not feel that they are being scammed. I believe we managed to achieve this. Vaimo also developed a good solution, how to present the freight- cost calculation to customers.


  • Trustworthy design
  • Solution for shipping costs calculation
  • Simplified checkout
  • B2B sign-up


Click here to experience Stengrossen’s new web site.

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