Tilbords is Norway’s leading retailer of fine kitchenware, porcelain and interior products with 130 stores located accross the country. The Company was founded in 1976, however its roots date back as far as 160 years. Having already launched a successful eCommerce site with Vaimo in 2012, Tilbords decided to take on another project: creating a special eCommerce sub-site for Tilbords Wedding which was launched in February 2013.


  • Merchant:  Tilbords
  • Industry:  Kitchenware and Porcelain Products
  • Magento Edition: Enterprise
  • Base Engine: Innovate
  • Markets served: Norway
  • Website: http://www.tilbords.no/bryllup
  • Project duration: 16 weeks
  • Number of Products: ~ 7000

Geir Langbakken, Managing Director at Tilbords:

"We started this project to improve the user experience and to increase wanted value on each individual wedding list. Wedding lists is a huge business for Tilbords and every item added to a list is almost with 100 % certainty an item sold. By using a wizard we could achieve both targets in one solution. Greater experience, more speed, more fun and more business. Can it be any better?"


  • Customized bundle product for wedding packages
  • Step-by-step wedding wizard
  • Summary of number of products per section
  • Dashboard for shop staff users
  • Summarized values of products wished for, remaining, and already bought
  • Share gift lists via direct link, Facebook or email

Project Objectives 

The main goal of Tilbords Wedding was to increase the value of the wedding gift lists, as well as increase the actual sales made on them. Tilbords wanted to separate the wedding section from the current online store, putting more focus on it as a section of  its own. At the same time Tilbords wanted the two sites to be clearly linked and integrated to make purchases and wedding lists handling easy.


The recenly launched wedding site adds clarity and makes the handling of wedding lists easier for Tilbords offline stores staff  and website visitors. The wedding couples can easily create their own wedding gift lists, and wedding guests can then  view them and purchase products online. The site also provides tips and inspiration for both wedding couples and wedding guests.

Project Delivery

Implementation of Tilbords Wedding site took about 4 months. It’s a complex site with many things to consider when making changes to it. Vaimo had to be creative and add new features, not only to the wedding site, but also to the Tilbords online store linked to the wedding site. Another challenge that Vaimo was presented with was how to integrate and handle the new wedding site and the way the products were presented. Tilbords wanted to display many simple products under one grouped product.

Due to many changes to the initial scope, it was difficult to stay on deadline and on budget. Also, because of other ongoing work on the Tilbords site, the developers had to initiate the work on the wedding section separately and it took time before the two sites could be merged together. The implementation team also took on a lot of individual responsibility with strong cooperation.

There were also some lessons learnt from the project. One being that a project that requires higher level of customisations than normal should also have a higher proportion of testing done than normal.

Results of the Project 

"With too little testing we had some frustration from start, but after tuning the solution we now have very little support and feel that we have a good website in place. We’ve seen 20% increase in wanted value on wedding lists despite no increase in number of registered lists", says Langbakken.

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