Founded in Europe in 1886 and with over 125 years in the business of tailoring female confidence, Triumph is the world’s leading maker of lingerie and shapewear. Known for their dedication to craft, their passion for detail and innovation, and their commitment to the perfect fit, Triumph customers love the way Triumph products make them look and feel – sensual, stylish and confident. In July 2014 Triumph International South Africa launched their new online store on the Magento platform.



  • Merchant: Triumph International South Africa
  • Industry: Apparel and Accessories
  • Base Engine: Innovate
  • Markets Served: South Africa
  • Website:
  • Project Plan: 12 Weeks
  • Project Budget: 270 Hours
  • Number of Products: 1000+

Lizette Kellerman, Marketing Manager at Triumph International South Africa

The idea of launching an eCommerce site was quite daunting. Were we making the right decisions for our consumers and would they enjoy their online experience? Our journey with Vaimo however kept all the doubts, fears and questions at bay. Their service was exceptional and our expectations have been exceeded. Vaimo’s vast expertise and unique understanding of business processes and integration in the eCommerce space truly made them ‘a one-stop-shop’ for all our eCommerce needs.”

The Challenge

“Internationally Triumph has experienced great success in eCommerce. With the growth of eCommerce in South Africa, as a brand we found it only fitting to pioneer eCommerce in our local lingerie market and to become part of this growing trend. Our objectives were to create an additional selling channel for our brand’s premium product offering, to improve the consumer brand shopping experience and change current brand perceptions.”

The Solution

“We wanted to use a platform with proven success in the industry and constantly on the forefront of innovation and that’s what Magento offered. Vaimo’s expertise in front-end design, UX and back-end integration made our choice for solution partner very simple. We put the challenge to Vaimo to deliver a world-class eCommerce site in just 12 weeks! Our approach was to launch the Triumph online store in two phases:

Phase 1: a quick launch, offering customers our premium Seductive Collection.

Phase 2: the launch of the balance of our product offering on a content rich website [watch this space]. We look forward to launching an even better experience with more variety in Phase 2!”


  • Fully Responsive
  • Full Width Images on Product Pages
  • Very Graphical Product Pages
  • Order Tracking
  • Fitting Guide


Click here to experience Triumph International South Africa new web site. If you want to know more about this project, don't hesitate to contact us.


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