Webinar: How Björn Borg Uses Data to Engage Customers

On November 10th, 2015, Björn Borg, Vaimo and Bronto held a joint webinar where an in-depth conversation occurred about how to utilise existing data, such as customer birth dates, to target consumers and turn them into repeat buyers. The webinar focused on how to create data-driven messages, how personalised messages make money, and how common digital marketing problems can be solved. The participants also discussed current trends in eCommerce and answered questions from the audience at the end of the webinar.

Bronto’s Kestrel Lemen works with clients who are retailers and helps them form campaigns. According to Kestrel, hot eCommerce trends right now are personalisation and mobile story-telling. Personalisation is all about what will make a consumer click, and re-targeting can improve conversion rates several times over. Re-targeting can be as simple as showing a male consumer items made for men - how easy is that? 

Kestrel went on to talk about the importance of coding responsively and ensuring that images in emails that are sent to customers can actually be viewed on a mobile device. She also described the significance of content story-telling and about how retailers need to stand out in the marketplace by focusing on a strong content strategy. 

Noelia Guinón, E-commerce Manager at Björn Borg, explained how her team leverages purchase and site data in Magento to create relevant, timely, and targeted email messages. Noelia conveyed that Björn Borg's aim is to provide the top sports fashion digital experience, and the way to do that is to engage consumers by adding value beyond the online store. It's crucial in the modern world of eCommerce to be able to interact with the customers and establish personal communication. To achieve this, Björn Borg needed a partner that understood the complexity of making a business digital. 

Vaimo is currently working with Björn Borg to help better their eCommerce solution. Håkan Jonsson, eCommerce Strategy Manager at Vaimo, talked about how the mind and communication style of the modern consumer is slowly changing. As a result, engaging the modern customer is becoming more difficult. Consumers currently don't pay attention to details and often rely on their gut feelings, so retailers will only get people's attention for a brief moment. That's why it's essential to engage a consumer in the right moment with a message meant just for them and to create a shopping experience that is unique and tailored to the particular consumer. Brand recognition is also a key factor, as consumers want to engage with brands they trust. 

Find out more by listening to a recording from the webinar here and a thorough overview from Internet Retailing can be read here.


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