Why Email Marketing is Back in the Spotlight


Many thought leaders have hailed the death of email over the last decade or so, what with the emergence of new digital marketing techniques. Take online ads, which have been used for a number of years to target and retarget users based on a number of factors, including browse behaviour.

But there’s been a huge rise in software that filters out digital ads – banners, pop-up messages and video ads – including Apple, which is allowing consumers to block ads appearing on their devices and desktops. 200 million people worldwide are using blocking software, according to a report by PageFair, and this number is expected to increase over time. That could be millions of dollars wasted from marketing budgets around the globe.

Therefore, email remains one of the strongest ecommerce marketing channels to reach your audience one-on-one. After all, the Radicati Group estimate that the number of email accounts held around the world will climb to 4.9 billion by the end of 2017. That offers huge potential.

Email communications and the technology have evolved massively since the first mass mailout was broadcast in 1978. So here are just a few reasons why you should put email and marketing automation at the core of your ecommerce strategy in 2016:


Consumers choose to receive your emails

Unlike online ads, people are in control of the emails they receive. They choose to sign up because often they’re interested in discounts or what your brand has to say. But brands should still be transparent about what subscribers are signing up for. For example, dotmailer’s pop-over tool allows you to add any message to your sign-up form – and place it where’s most appropriate – so you can manage people’s expectations and reduce unsubscribes.


And they can choose what to receive and when

Relevancy is the big buzz word in 2016. If your communications aren’t relevant and don’t fight through the noise of retail competitors, your brand’s going to slip through the net. Setting up a preference center for your subscribers allows them to let you know what content they’d like to land in their inbox, and how often. This will help you to define your ecommerce content strategy and deliver messages that drive sales. With dotmailer’s Surveys & Forms tool, you can easily set up a preference center for your brand in minutes.


You can introduce prospects to your brand over time

Other means of marketing don’t give you as good an opportunity to let prospects know who you are and what you do. An ad can easily be overlooked and has limited opportunity to present your product, whereas if a series of emails are opened there’s more of an opportunity to get your message across. Setting up an automated welcome series using dotmailer’s Program Builder is simple and will be delivered to new subscribers as and when you choose.


Email is a much lower-cost channel

But delivers a higher ROI. If you’re using your data to the max and all the tools at your fingertips – like advanced retail segmentation and personalization – you’re almost certain to be engaging your audience. That’s if you bear in mind their preferences, of course. What’s more, setting up automated programs – to capitalize on things like abandoned carts – lets you put resource in other places. And with dotmailer’s EasyEditor, you can set them up in a flash.

So how does your ecommerce marketing strategy look in 2016? Perhaps it’s time to rethink and rejig your plans.

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